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The Essentials in Recognizing the Beginning

Stages of Genital Warts


Being diagnosed with genital warts can be tough, especially when you don't know much about it. And since it is associated with the incurable human papilloma virus, or HPV, it seems even more threatening. Fortunately, genital warts can be treated and you can have your normal life back afterwards. The big challenge, however, lies in recognizing the beginning stages of genital warts.


It is normal for men and women to experience itching or burning sensations in the genital area since yeast infections and other minor genital conditions can affect anyone. So even if genital warts cause irritation, it does not rouse immediate concern. But if you notice any irritation, such as a lump or a rough area that comes up sometime following intercourse with your partner, the likely cause is genital warts.


How to Identify the Beginning Stages of Genital Warts When They Happen


Genital warts usually form as a small cluster of bumpy skin with some or no color scattered around the genital area. Full-grown warts are often experienced in larger clusters of warts that look like cauliflowers, which are more easily recognizable, but at the beginning stages of genital warts, they can begin with inoffensive rough patches or a series of unthreatening lumps on the skin.


It is also even more difficult for women to discover genital warts on the area inside the cervix, which are hidden from sight or from feeling, even when having sex. The only way that such warts are detected is when the woman visits a gynecologist for a checkup or a Pap smear. A lot of doctors are mindful about early detection signs of genital warts, since these are connected with HPV, a notorious cause of cervical cancer.


Why It's Crucial To Spot the Beginning Stages of Genital Warts


When faced the beginning stages of genital warts, some people are filled with inhibitions about going to the doctor. But since the beginning stages of genital warts can easily lead to bigger problems, avoiding the doctor is definitely not the wisest thing to do. Treating genital warts early makes a big difference and helps prevent repeat occurrences in the future. Genital warts treated early will prevent HPV from actively causing outbreaks.


A lot of people have issues about visiting a doctor about a genital condition, especially since it is not easy for people to have their sensitive areas checked up close. But when faced with the beginning stages of genital warts, don't let your embarrassment spell greater danger for you. Your initial embarrassment can escalate if your tiny cluster of warts grows and covers your entire genital area.


The best thing you can do for yourself, and for your partner, is to go instantly to the doctor when you suspect the beginning stages of genital warts. The earlier you recognize those warts, the faster it will be for you to recover from them completely.


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